Meet the Team

Board of Directors

One of the Bank's core strengths is our Board of Directors.  We are proud of the deep personal and professional experience each of our Directors brings to the Bank.  Their knowledge and vision help continue our long history of service to the Washington, D.C. community and guide our "customers come first" philosophy.   

Our Board of Directors

National Capital Bank of Washington Board of Directors

Standing (L-R): D.A Didden, J.M. Didden, G.T. Pedas, G.L. Hinchman, K.H. Didden, W.T. Pedas, S.L. Venti, D.T. Scurletis, W.J. Durkin, Jr., R.B. Donohoe, R.F. Comstock, R.A. Didden, Jr.
Seated (L-R): T.A. Barnes, R.B. Anderson, Jr.
Robert B. Donohoe
Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Officer,
The Donohoe Companies, Inc.

James M. Didden
Senior Relationship Manager &
Marketing Advisor

William T. Pedas
Vice President
Circle Management

Richard B. (Randy) Anderson Jr.
President & Chief Executive Officer
Kathryn H. Didden

Dennis T. Scurletis
Managing Member
S D Capital Partners, LLC
Thomas A. Barnes
Chairman of the Board (5/2016-6/2017)
Deceased June 2017
William J. Durkin, Jr. 
Attorney at Law

Steven L. Venti
Director Spillane
Consulting Associates, Inc

R. Andrew Didden, Jr.
Executive Vice President
National Capital Financial Group
Grace L. Hinchman
Vice President (Retired)
Financial Accounting Foundation 

Donald A. Didden
Executive Vice President (Retired)
George T. Pedas
Attorney at Law

Executive Management 

Our Executive Management team

National Capital Bank of Washington Executive Management Team (L-R):

J.L. Karafa, J. Marchese, R.B. Anderson, Jr.; D.A Keats, R. A. Didden, Jr. 

Richard B. (Randy) Anderson, Jr.    
President & Chief Executive Officer
Debra A. Keats
Executive Vice President, Chief Retail Administration Officer                                                             
R. Andrew Didden, Jr.
Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer                                               
Joseph Marchese
Executive Vice President, Chief Lending Officer

Jeffrey L. Karafa
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer