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At the Peak of Our Craft

For 125 years, The National Capital Bank has built a reputation for highly personalized customer service and a distinguished record of safety and profitability. We value our customers and they reward us in return with their loyalty. Our Bank was built on a philosophy of sound business practices in everything we do – from how we treat our customers to how we make loans. We're proud of our accomplishments and honored to have recently received the following accolades:

  • Awarded the 100-Year Old Business of the Year from the Washington DC Economic Partnership.
  • Selected as "Greater DC Family Business of the Year."
  • Rated "Best for Service" by Washington Consumer Checkbook magazine.

Albert Carry

Didden ancestor Albert Carry (1852 - 1925). An original stockholder and long-time Director and Vice-President.




During the Great Depression NCB continued to pay dividends.


A Bank with Over a Century of Continuity in Leadership

As Washington’s Oldest Bank, The National Capital Bank has had only six presidents throughout its history. Members of a single family have served the Bank since its beginning, starting with original stockholder and longtime Vice President, Albert Carry.


Richard A. Didden and James M. Didden

Mr. Carry's grandson, George A. Didden, Jr., was 33 and the Bank's legal counsel when the Bank's Board of Directors chose him as President in 1943. Mr. Didden managed the Bank for 52 years as it grew and solidified its reputation as one of the strongest banks in the United States. His years of service left an enduring legacy in the Washington banking community.

George A. Didden III, succeeded his father in 1995 and led the bank to continued profitability and success. George was key in helping modernize the bank by introducing new products, services and technology while maintaining the ideals upon which the bank was built. He was also passionate about supporting the Capitol Hill community and was instrumental in the redevelopment of Barrack’s Row and organizing the Capitol Hill B.I.D.

Richard A. Didden succeeded his brother George in 2007 as Chairman and CEO and was joined by his brothers: James M. Didden, President and Director and Donald A. Didden, Executive Vice President and Director. In 2009, Donald Didden retired from the Bank after 40 years of service. After Richard Didden's death in 2013, Robert F. Comstock was named Chairman and CEO.

As Bank officers and Board Members, the Didden family provides a continuity of leadership and shares a family dedication to serving the Bank's customers. Our history of unfailing integrity and our strong commitment to the Washington community help ensure the Bank's continuing reputation as a skillfully-run and rock-solid financial institution.




Loan Money for the purchase of a car? It seemed like a novel idea in 1918, when Bank officers established a policy for Ford Motor Company Products. A borrower could get $300, the price of the Model T Touring car pictured above.




Sound Business Practices and a Legacy of Profitability

Throughout our long history, The National Capital Bank has weathered tumultuous political, economic and social change. The Nation faced an economic crisis in 1893, but NCB successfully survived the banking crisis and continued to prosper.

The stock market crash in 1929, and the Great Depression that followed, caused barely a ripple for such a conservatively managed bank. While other financial institutions were failing across America, NCB continued its dividend and was one of the very first banks to open its doors after the infamous “Bank Holiday” of 1933.

The Bank's performance and growth continued through the recessions of the 1970s, the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s and the bank merger and acquisition frenzy of the 1990s. The National Capital Bank has prospered during the current economic crisis and, in fact, had its best ever earnings year in 2010. With a consistent formula for evaluating loans using the time-tested “five C’s” approach, the Bank can proudly report it continues to serve our community, looking forward to another 125 years.


Before the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 created a uniform national currency, the National Capital Bank issued its very own "greenbacks". Signed by the Bank's President and Cashier, these bills were the customary legal tender of the day.



George A Didden, Jr stewarded the bank for more than half a century from 1943 to 1995 as President and Chairman of the Board. His fifty-two years of service left an enduring legacy in the Washington banking community.As part of that legacy, his sons and grandchildren provide for the Bank's management to this day.


George Didden III
George A. Didden III led the bank from 1995-2007. He ushered in a generation of new products and technology while deepening the bank’s commitment to the local community.




A Long Record of Innovation in Banking and Business Practices

The Bank has a vision which is projected into the future but its mission remains focused on the here and now, with a particular emphasis on “community.” This has been true since its beginning in 1889, when a group of local businessmen formed The National Capital Bank of Washington to serve a community known as "East Washington."

In 1913, the Bank's first President began an advertising campaign. He believed it was an important way to introduce the Bank to the public and make its sound, conservative approach to banking better recognized. Though the practice was previously thought of as undignified in banking circles, the entire industry has followed suit.

Despite many competing bank branches having been opened on Capitol Hill in the 1950s, NCB endured as the community leader. Automobile loans emerged as a major profit center for the Bank in those days and the proliferation of the family automobile inspired the Directors to open the first drive-up teller window in Washington.

In the 1960s, the Bank pioneered the concept of direct deposit by convincing the federal government to deliver employees' paychecks to the Bank in advance so the funds would be available in employees' accounts on paydays.

In 1997, the Bank opened its Friendship Heights branch to serve the Northwest DC and Chevy Chase communities. In 2006, a 400 gallon aquarium was installed in the Capitol Hill office. This aquarium has served to educate our customers and visitors about the importance of conservation and the animals that inhabit our waterways. It also provides entertainment for children who come to the Bank with their parents.

With the help of the 5th generation of the Didden family and our experienced and long-tenured staff, National Capital Bank has spent the last 15 years focusing on bringing innovative products to our customers.  These new products and services round out the Bank’s offerings to cover most all financial needs while making bank services more convenient. They include:

  • Online Banking & Bill Pay
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Enhanced ATM Network
  • Kids’ Club Account
  • Lockbox Processing
  • eStatements
  • Cash Management Services


Embracing the 21st Century with Energy and Vision

If past is prologue, National Capital Bank will continue to add to its century-plus legacy of success and provide the same high level of safety, security and services for many years to come. It is no wonder that NCB has been the Bank of choice on Capitol Hill for our 125 years.

If you are considering joining our banking family we look forward to serving you.  And if you already are a customer, we are honored to be your bank of choice.

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