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A Letter to Our Investors

The National Capital Bank of Washington proudly celebrates 125 years of service to the Washington, DC community. It is the result of hard work and dedication that our Bank continues to thrive and serve our neighbors on Capitol Hill and in Friendship Heights.

How can a small Bank like ours survive and continue to be one of the strongest and most profitable banks in the country? The answer is easily stated. Our customers are our most important asset. We cherish our relationships with our customers, their children and many of their grandchildren. We take great pleasure in converting our depositors’ dollars into loans; for houses, churches, businesses, automobiles, education, computers and a myriad of other forms of goods and services.

Our second most important asset is our shareholders, directors and staff. No bank has a more dedicated or more qualified group of individuals working to see the Bank prosper. We want to thank each of our outside Directors for their much appreciated service. We are particularly grateful for our dedicated Board Executive Committee for their wisdom and guidance. Did you know that our average officer tenure at National Capital Bank is more than 20 years?

We love to get up and go to work each and every day. We arrive early, stay late and answer the phone when it rings. We labor daily with our friends to grow our communities, make them cleaner and safer, raise money for the arts and education, celebrate our diversity and honor our history. Our legacy and heritage represent a continuum of correct human decisions and good business judgments exercised by our predecessors. We are committed to the awesome responsibility to carry on our rich traditions in a city and a country we care so deeply about.






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