Mobile Wallet

Enjoy all the benefits of your NCB Visa Debit Card now with digital payments.

Our new mobile wallet options for Apple, Samsung and Google devices make paying even easier 

                  Simple Enrollment                      Fast, Contactless Checkout               Added Protection for your Card

Apple Pay™

Google Pay™

Samsung Pay™

Apple Pay¹ is a safe, secure way to make payments in your favorite store   Google Pay² is offers a fast, easy way to use your Visa Debit Card online  Samsung Pay³ is a convenient payment option right from your mobile device


Getting Started is as easy as:
1. Download our NCB Mobile app for Apple devices here or Android devices here
2. Add your NCB Visa Debit Card to your mobile wallet
3. Verify your card, if needed.  Then you are all set!

Use it today and shop securely
There is a lot to love about digital payments. Use your NCB Visa Debit Card in your mobile wallet in your favorite stores or apps - just tap to pay!

You don't have to give your physical card to anyone.  Your name and account number stay private and your card information is not shared with merchants - only a specific code to process your transaction. 

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¹Apple, the Apple logo and Apple Pay are trademarks of Apple, Inc. For a complete list of compatible Apple Pay devices see
² Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.  See for a complete list of supported devices.  
³ Samsung Pay is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. See for a complete list of supported devices.