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Information on the Copycat Website

Updated November 6, 2019
Google has removed the copycat website from its listing and the host of the fraudulent site has deleted it. 


What happened

On October 9, 2019 we have become aware that a copycat of the National Capital Bank (NCB) website had been created to look like our authentic site.  The copycat site also includes a link to the Login for online banking as well as a fraudulent enrollment form for new users.  These links are ‘unsecure’ and should not be accessed.  

When searching Google, this site appears to be the legitimate National Capital Bank website, however the URL address is not correct and reads  It has copied our logos, imagery, verbiage -though outdated, and formatting.  It is a previous version of our site from sometime in 2018.   

No systems utilized, owned or operated by National Capital Bank or its vendors were compromised and there is no threat to any customer information.  This alert was informational as the copycat site could have compromised passwords if it is accessed. 

What we’ve done

We immediately notified Google to request the website be removed from their listings, submitted a fraud notification to the host of the copycat site and alerted the Internet Crimes Center of the incident.   

Safeguarding information is essential to delivering on our commitment to security and privacy and is our top priority.

What we are doing to help

We recommend reviewing the following information about staying safe online.     

  • Lock down your login ensuring passphrases are lengthy, unique and safely stored and adopting strong authentication for added protection and are updated often. 
  • Update your system and software by having the latest updates for security software, web browsers and operating systems to help keep cybercriminals at bay.
  • Look for the lock symbol and verify the correct website address or URL.  The lock symbol means the website is using security – and that’s a good thing!  It’s the secure, encrypted connection between your web browser and the server so that other people such as hackers cannot obtain information.  NCB’s website address is and when accessing your online banking the URL will display with the NCB icon and https://
  • Back up your personal data with electronic copies of your most important files – things like medical records, financial information and family photos and set a schedule to do so regularly throughout the year.

For more tips on online safety visit 

and check out this video

3 Easy Steps to Keep Your Data More Secure 

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Monitor Your Accounts

You should check your credit report to ensure accurate account activity has been reported at least once a year.  You can request a copy of your credit report from any of the providers above, as well as sign up for monitoring services offered by various companies online.

NCB also offers Visa® Purchase Alerts which allows you to receive an email or text message when your card has been used.  Enroll in Visa Purchase Alerts (Opens in a new Window) (Opens in a new Window) today and get the peace of mind of knowing where your money is going.

Notify us immediately if your NCB CheckCard, ATM Card or Credit Cards have been lost or stolen.

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